Taiwan Blockchain Alliance

Mission statement

Blockchain has become an important trend in the digital economy era. Many private enterprises have already operated well, and many groups have been set up spontaneously to provide many suggestions to the government. In order to open a channel between private sectors and governments to let policy making more in line with the needs of the industry, it is necessary to build a communication platform between them. Therefore, the National Development Council and the domestic industries, governments, academic and research institutes jointly established the "Taiwan Blockchain Alliance" as a platform to enable two-way information exchange, conduct international cooperation, promote field application and talent cultivation, and create a sound industrial development environment.


Blockchain has become an important trend in emerging global technology. In order to grasp this developing opportunity, the industrial, academic and governmental sectors are called upon to participate in the establishment of the Taiwan Blockchain Alliance (TBA) to facilitate the development of Taiwan's blockchain technology and applications, and enable this blockchain ecosystem to be communicated within, be created jointly, be shared to, and be glorified together.
The alliance will actively promote two-way communication between the industry and the government who jointly facilitate regulatory optimization, field application, technology research/development, and talent cultivation, to create a sound development environment for startups and innovative industries, and then enable the unique advantages of blockchain in agriculture, healthcare, finance, energy and other application fields in this supply chain, driving the “blockchain+” force to lead Taiwan towards digital economic development and industrial innovation transformation.
Under the joint participation and efforts of industries, governments, academic and research institutes, this declaration is hereby passed and signed on July 12, 2019 and uploaded to the blockchain by the Alliance which is officially established at the above date.


The Alliance set up a convener, with the General Assembly of members as the highest decision maker, and the executive committee supervised all alliance functions. The secretariat serves as the functions of execution with 3 divisions including Legal Assistance Working Group, Application Promotion Working Group, and Strategic Cooperation Working Group (Industry-academia cooperation).

Legal Assistance Working Group

Study the laws and regulations and make recommendations concerning the development of blockchain. Research and circulate the international policies regarding blockchain.


Application Promotion Working Group

Participate in domestic and international organization activities, conduct domestic and international industry cooperation and exchange, provide innovative solutions and business models, and develop demo practices of innovative service applications.


Strategic Cooperation Working Group (Industry-academia cooperation)

Work on blockchain technology research and development, design blockchain related courses, foster enterprise and school R&D and talents.